Welcome to SOS Brigades Unofficial Website.

Hello and Welcome to The Un-official SOS Brigade website!

This is a website for people who enjoy doing fun things and would like to meet aliens, espers or time time travelers. If you are here and you are not interested in any of those then please step back from your computer screen and hit yourself in the head because you have gone to the wrong website. If you are here for some fun and like anything weird or interesting then please join us!  and become a member! : D


  News:  5/23/11: New Chat Server: See chat Tab.

Youmacon 2012 is coming up in November! In Detroit, MI. BE THERE! :D Check it out I'll be there!

We are currently working on throwing our on Con. So, once we have everything we'll keep you updated. Our website for our convention is Animeparkcon.webs.com



























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